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For most of my life I struggled with disorganization, prioritizing, being on time, procrastination, time-blindness, an inability to plan, and mental fogginess. I would often have multiple projects going, most of which I never completed. Worst of all was a dreadful feeling that I could never reach my potential. Every day I would tell myself to try harder and get my act together – and do it with a  non-stop stream of mental lashings to keep my day from derailing. I operated from a place of deep shame and discouragement. Little did I know that my struggles were the result of my unique brain wiring. One day, listening to a podcast discussing adult ADHD, things started to make sense. It was an aha moment that sent me down a new road of understanding my life experiences. There have been many twists and turns on this road. Most of us with ADHD have received a lifetime of negative feedback. It takes work to change your way of thinking and being in the world.  As I began to understand my ADHD and how it impacted my life, I learned to challenge those old beliefs. I also learned to recognize what I do well and develop strategies to help me move forward. It has been life transforming, as it has changed my mindset about myself and my capabilities. 

I know the power of getting support, learning about your ADHD, changing the story you’re telling yourself, and creating structures and environments to help you succeed. It’s not about working harder, it’s about figuring out what works for you. Like any exciting road trip, you have to stop and get directions. Those of us with ADHD won’t find the “neuro-typical” roadmap all that helpful. We have to explore the way our brains are wired, navigate the world from our strengths, and create supportive environments for our deficits. As an ADHD coach, I can help you create your own roadmap and provide support as you travel this new path.

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Understand your ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a misnomer. It’s not so much a deficit of attention as it is an issue with the regulation of attention, emotions, and physical or mental hyperactivity. Having ADHD impacts more than how we do life. It impacts how we experience life, and the stories we tell ourselves. Awareness is the starting point to creating a new roadmap. With a trained ADHD Coach you can explore the various aspects of ADHD, and how it shows up in your world.

reach your potential

Clarifying and achieving goals without the right roadmap can be a nightmare for ADDers. Discovering ways to shrink the gap between what you want and what you actually achieve is more than possible!  Coaching can help you uncover your why, help you get unstuck, and assist you in moving your life forward. You’ll develop a mindset that is empowering, and a platform built on your strengths all with the help of a supportive and encouraging coaching partnership.

create strategies and structure

My guess is that you have worked incredibly hard to manage your life. What if there was a way to work smarter instead of harder? It’s important to develop strategies, systems, and structures that support you and the unique way your brain is wired. These tools don’t necessarily look the same as those for “neuro-typical” people. An ADHD Coach can facilitate the implementation, experimentation, and inspiration for what is most effective for you. Learn ways to deal with these common ADHD issues; time management, procrastination, distraction, overwhelm, misplacing things, impulsivity, and task completion – in other words – ADULTING.

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