Attention Deficit Disorder is a misnomer. It’s not that we have a deficit of attention, it’s that we have trouble regulating our attention due to the chemical makeup of our brains. We have lower levels of dopamine and norepinephrine (brain neurotransmitters). This causes our brains to constantly be scanning internally and externally for brain stimulating […]

Let’s explore ADHD and Narwhals

Let’s explore ADHD and Narwhals Think it only affects hyperactive boys, think it only affects kids, think these kids outgrow it, think it isn’t even real, think it’s caused by bad parenting, think it’s a big pharmaceutical scam? Funny, I thought a lot of these things as well. That is until I was diagnosed myself […]

Transitions and ADHD

TRANSISTIONS… I want to share something personal here. It is fully my intention to post more consistently and frequently here, but I have been struggling in a big way. And through working with my own coach – (yes, I have a coach) I realized that I’m in the middle of lot’s of transitions. Which is […]