Jackie Basham/ADHD Life CoachingMY OWN ADHD STORY

For most of my life I struggled with disorganization, prioritizing, being on time, procrastination, time-blindness, an inability to plan, and mental fogginess. In addition I would often have multiple projects going, most of which I never completed. Worst of all was a dreadful feeling that I could never reach my potential. Every day I would wake up and tell myself to try harder and get my act together – and I would do that with a  non-stop stream of mental lashings to keep my day from derailing. I operated from a place of deep shame and discouragement. Little did I know that my struggles were the result of my unique brain wiring.

One day, after listening to a podcast discussing adult ADHD, things started to make sense. It was truly an aha moment that sent me down a new road of understanding my life experiences. There have been many twists and turns on this road. Most of us with ADHD have received a lifetime of negative feedback. It takes work to change your way of thinking and being in the world.  As I began to understand my ADHD and how it impacted my life, I learned to challenge those old beliefs. I also began to recognize what I do well and learn strategies to help me move forward. It has been life transforming, as it has changed my mindset about myself and my capabilites. I’m still a work in progress, but this journey has created in me a desire to help others along the way. That is why I chose to be trained as an ADHD coach.

Like any exciting road trip, you have to stop and get directions. Those of us with ADHD won’t find the “neuro-typical” roadmap all that helpful. We have to explore the way our brains are wired, navigate the world from our strengths, and create supportive environments for our deficits. As an ADHD coach, I can help you create your own roadmap and provide support as you travel this new path.



I was a stay at home mom for 20+ years, I am a tree hugger, a tightwad, a wife, a nerd, a jogger, a bookworm, a creative soul, a pretty good cook, a beloved child of God, an avid hobby photographer, a person who likes to dip her toes into all that life has to offer. In fact you might find that we have a lot in common, and that labels don’t really explain the complexity of human beings.

I am a 5 on the enneagram – The Investigator/Observor

Often perceptive and intense. I’m driven to learn as much as I can and to be self-sufficient.

My core values are:

Authenticity, Family, Freedom, Creativity, and Connection
~What lights me up is illuminating wholeness in myself, others and the creation


My strengths are:

  1. An appreciation of beauty & excellence – I am often distracted by awe and wonder, especially as it relates to nature. And also distracted by perfectionism in wanting things done “right”.  A bit of a double-edged sword here.
  2. Creativity – outside of the box thinking, as well as a need to create things.
  3. Love of learning – see enneagram above
  4. Judgement – also see enneagram above – analytical, think things through, etc.
  5. Curiosity –  I love exploring, discovering, asking questions, trying new things