Coaching Services

Even if life came with a roadmap it probably wouldn’t be the right one for those of us with ADHD. We often feel lost, stressed, and incapable of reaching our intended destinations. This can come out of lots of different things – procrastination, poor time management, distractibility, impulsiveness, disorganization, etc. Enlisting a coach is a great way for someone to create and navigate their own unique roadmap. A roadmap that uses the client’s inherent strengths and potential to not only reach their destinations, but thrive along the way!


INDIVIDUAL COACHING:  While I am working towards meeting my ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy) graduation requirements, I am offering a free 20-minute introductory session, and then 5 session for $100.00. After graduation, my fees will be incrementally increasing as I work towards PAAC & ICF Certification. Coaching sessions are available over the phone, making it very convenient to your schedule.

GROUP COACHING: Stay tuned for group coaching opportunities. Find others who understand your ADHD experiences. Create your own roadmap with group coaching, and experience community and encouragement at the same time! These sessions will be via video conferencing.  I plan to create a 10-week coaching program around understanding ADHD in general, and focusing specifically on how it shows up in your life. Learn more about common symptoms of ADHD – procrastination, time-blindness, distraction, etc. Explore where those things show up for you, what they look like, and how to manage them. Members of the group collaborate and learn from one another. An additional perk to the group coaching is planned “study sessions” in between coaching sessions. These “study sessions” provide camaraderie, and accountability. Which allows you to get things done, and stay on track. We can get by with a little help from our friends!