Transitions and ADHD

ADHD Life Coaching

I want to share something personal here. It is fully my intention to post more consistently and frequently here, but I have been struggling in a big way. And through working with my own coach – (yes, I have a coach) I realized that I’m in the middle of lot’s of transitions. Which is creating uncertainty, overwhelm, anxiety, and dare I say it – fear. What if I can’t do this, what if it’s just one more place in my life where I fail? But what’s beautiful about all of this is that it gives me a chance to share and explore with you guys on the topic of ADHD and transitions.
Trouble starting, stopping, and shifting from one thing to the next is an area of struggle for ADDers. (Yeah, so many areas. : P) This can be as small as shifting from work to home, or turning the TV off to start dinner. It can also be as big as shifting from being a stay-at-home-mom to starting a business. So, armed with some understanding and compassion for myself as I make this HUGE transition, I will be employing helpful strategies and asking for help.
Here is an article that might give you some extra insight into transitions:…/ch-ch-ch-ch-changes-transi…/

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